Baby Leo Incubator

Baby Leo Incubator

St. George’s hospital, Tooting | Blackshaw Rd, London SW17 0QT | Greater London

Baby Leo Incubators are the very latest in Incubator technology.

The friendly device design, large variable height adjustment range plus other elements allow parents to comfortably get closer to the baby and make families feel welcome when visiting. The dedicated and personalized Family View clearly displays baby's therapy status and progress so it is easy to understand at a glance – all in an effort to help integrate parents into the care process.

Appeal current status

£1,317.00 £26,000.00

Other Appeals

Tickets for the Incubator ball

Philips Monitors


£ 5,000.00 / £ 40,000.00
Tickets for the Incubator ball



£ 2,000.00 / £ 24,735.00
Tickets for the Incubator ball


Greater London

£ 2,190.00 / £ 9,000.00
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