Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Race 2019

Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Race 2019

30 teams race across the Atlantic - 1 of them for us!


Dan and Tony (Team Second Chance) will set off in December 2019 and row for more than 40 days to raise money for charity in the most grueling endurance challenge they’ve ever attempted. They’ll face 30-40ft waves, suffer exhaustion and sleep deprivation rowing a 7.5metre boat for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a bid to win first place, in a race dubbed the World’s Toughest Row.  

Dan and Tony are Team Second Chance; four oars, three legs, two men, one boat. Raising funds for Ickle Pickles & Care After Combat charities.


Other News

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Life in Full Swing 09 Sep 2018

Raising £250,000 in memory of Katie Harvey

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Platelet donation 02 Aug 2018

What even is a platelet?

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